What Others Say

We Couldn’t Have Said It Bet­ter Ourselves…

We are biased in favor of our firm. However, you’d prob­a­bly like to know what clients say about us, so here are some of our hun­dreds of tes­ti­mo­ni­als on file.

Nikka Goodson of College Park, Georgia

“I actually had two cases (personal injury and Social Security Disability) with The Keener Law Firm, and both were handled incredibly well. I love Ms. Beth and Ms. Jackie took care of me too. When I went to court for my disability hearing, Mr. Keener was excellent! I am trying to get everyone I know to use The Keener Law Firm.”

Phillip Meacacke (review given by his wife, Shannon) of Newnan, Georgia

“We had filed a couple of times before and were denied. I found the firm on TV and they were wonderful. Jackie was very helpful and Mr. Keener helped us prepare for the hearing. We will refer them to others.”

Brittany Collier (review given by her mother, Phyllis) of Atlanta, Georgia

“We had applied for benefits for Brittany before, but were denied. I saw Mr. Keener on TV and decided to call. It was great working with him and his entire staff. Brittany had to have a hearing but was approved. I would refer The Keener Law Firm to others.”

Derrick Coulter of Douglasville, Georgia

“The Keener Law Firm is the best I know in the business. Jackie took me through everything and Mr. Keener did a great job at my hearing. I am grateful to all of them for getting my benefits approved, and I have already sent others to the firm.”

Sharon Knight of Powder Springs, Georgia

“I was very pleased with the services of The Keener Law Firm. Everyone I dealt with was very professional, courteous, and respectful of my case. Jackie Farr, senior social security disability paralegal, was the best. Jackie was with me every step of the way and always kept me informed of changes and updates in my case. Mr. Keener handled my case with the utmost professionalism and concern. He also made the entire experience in court much less stressful for me and for that I am truly grateful. Without his help and the rest of the wonderful people that worked on my case I would not have had the favorable outcome that I did.”

Casey McCraw of Newnan, Georgia

“I found The Keener Law Firm in the phonebook and was extremely pleased with everyone. Beth was absolutely amazing as was the entire staff. She was extremely responsive and answered every question I asked about my accident case. She also always promptly returned my emails. I promise you, I have been telling everyone about The Keener Law Firm!”

Calvin Ward of Powder Springs, Georgia

“I was referred by a family member to The Keener Law Firm. The entire staff was fantastic, and Mr. Keener was especially great! They were up front with me about everything and helped me win my claim.”

Kimberly Gifford of Chattooga County, Georgia

“My sister had used the firm before, and I decided to use them as well when I was injured at work. I was very pleased with my experience and appreciated Maureen and Travis keeping me up-to-date on my case. I will definitely be referring others to The Keener Law Firm.”

Andrea Taylor of Loganville, Georgia

“This firm gave me encouragement and reminded me that everything was going to be okay when I was going through a very bad time. They always called me back quickly and Jackie answered all my questions. Mr. Keener was incredible. He was a true gentleman and he gave me hope. My claim was approved thanks to The Keener Law Firm.”

Delores Brown of Atlanta, Georgia

“I saw Mr. Keener on the TV and called the firm. They took my case and when they did they were on it. I could not believe how quick the process was and I just got my first check in June!”

David Hill of Decatur, Georgia

“I knew I needed an attorney to get my disability benefits approved. I had tried to apply on my own but was denied. I saw Mr. Keener on TV and called. Jackie did a good job handling my case and then Mr. Keener and I got it done at the hearing and got me approved! I have already referred two people to the firm and will continue to tell others too.”

Roger Brown of Rockmart, Georgia

“I had used The Keener Law Firm in 2003 and when I was injured on the job again, I knew who to call. Maureen did a great job keeping me updated about everything regarding my case. It is a good firm, and I have already referred several others to them.”

Agnes Bennett of Atlanta, Georgia

“The first time I applied for disability benefits I went through a government agency. It was dragging along and getting me nowhere. Then one day I saw Russell Keener on the television and I decided to call his firm. They took my case and on my first appearance in court my benefits were approved. Mr. Keener and his staff were a blessing to me. Mr. Keener was articulate, detailed and truly took care of my case. I could not be more pleased with The Keener Law Firm.”

Paige Swafford of Tallapoosa, Georgia

“My daughter and I were injured in a car wreck and The Keener Law Firm was fantastic in getting my case resolved. I was referred by a former client and I could not have been happier that I chose them. Beth and Travis are two awesome people. I always felt like I knew what was going on, and they did their best to get everything done as quickly as possible.”

Bobby Isom of Atlanta, Georgia

“The entire experience of working with The Keener Law Firm was excellent. I was referred to the firm by my sister, and I have already referred several other friends to the firm for assistance with their disability.”

Ruby Smith of Newnan, Georgia

“I came to The Keener Law Firm after I had been injured in a car accident. Beth and Travis were incredible. Actually they are two of the best people God put on this earth. I could pick up the phone and either speak with them right then, or they would call me back in a few minutes. Keener settled for me, and I am already referring others!”

Darrell Ray (review given by wife, Bethany) of Newnan, Georgia

“I actually had used an attorney several years ago for my disability claim, and I was not pleased. When we decided Darrell needed to apply we were looking for another attorney and saw Mr. Keener on TV. We called, and they did a great job. As a matter of fact, we liked everyone so much that we have already referred two friends to the firm.”

Alfred Peck Jr. of Acworth, Georgia

“I had heard that it was always best to get an attorney when applying for disability, so that is what I did. I found you all (The Keener Law Firm) on the internet and I chose you because you were local. I had an excellent experience working with the firm and would definitely recommend you to anyone needing assistance.”

Wilma Bogue of Rome, Georgia

“This is my second case with The Keener Law Firm and obviously I thought enough of them the first time to come back! The insurance companies want to give you the run around, but Beth and Travis are like magicians that pull a rabbit out of their hat. They are amazing! At this firm, the client is the top priority and that is why I came back to them.”

Louis Wilborn of Norcoss, Georgia

“I had applied for disability benefits on my own. When I got before a judge I was denied, and he advised me to go get an attorney. I did some research on the internet and found The Keener Law Firm. They took my case in August and I was approved in December. The staff was great, and Mr. Keener explained to me exactly how the hearing would proceed. We entered the courtroom and in 15 minutes I was approved on the spot.”

Anita McCurdy of Atlanta, Georgia

“I had been denied disability twice on my own. When my mom saw Mr. Keener on the TV, I decided to call. Jackie helped me a lot and Mr. Keener was wonderful. I had a hearing and Russell Keener did a great job. I really appreciated what he did for me. They were both excellent, and I would refer anyone to work with them.”

John Hunsinger of Union City, Georgia

“I lost my job because I could no longer work. I saw the commercial on the TV and decided to call. I was denied twice and had to have a hearing, but in the end, Mr. Keener got me approved. It was a long process, but I am now receiving my disability checks. Jackie was great, and I have already referred a friend to The Keener Law Firm.”

Robert Shaw of Tyrone, Georgia

“I could no longer work due to many health issues and decided to apply for benefits on my own. Two weeks after I applied I received a letter stating I had been denied. A family member saw Mr. Keener on TV and suggested I called. They took my case and I was approved within six months. Jackie and Jessica are really nice people.”

Bruce Salters of Atlanta, Georgia

“I had applied twice on my own and was denied both times. I saw Mr. Keener’s commercial, and I decided to give him a call. I had had no idea why I kept being denied until Mr. Keener explained it to me. I had a hearing with Mr. Keener and was approved. Everyone at the firm took good care of me and I was pleased with my results.”

Bill Lewis of Marietta, Georgia

“I had been denied benefits several times. I wrote letters and did what every I could do, but I could not get approved. I went online and found The Keener Law Firm. I spoke with Jackie and met Mr. Keener. They were both great and the process actually went pretty fast. I would refer them to anyone looking for assistance with receiving disability benefits.”

John Hendrix of Palmetto, Georgia

“This was my first time to apply for disability benefits, but I knew I needed an attorney because the government makes the process so difficult. I am a retired fire fighter and I owned a small electrical business. In 1987 I was injured on the job, in ’89 I had a recurrence and in 1992 I fell at my business. That injury would stay with me for the rest of my life. Not working for me was hard, because I had worked two to three jobs my entire life, and I am only 58. With the help of The Keener Law Firm, I was approved after an appeal. I believe God had his hand in the process and I enjoyed working with the entire staff.”

Dean Carter of DeKalb, Georgia

“I needed help and saw the law firm’s commercial on TV. I called and Jackie took my case. She did a wonderful job and now I am approved and telling everyone about The Keener Law Firm. I won’t ever call anyone but the Keener firm to help me with anything! Excellent job by all.”

Patricia Crawley of Stockbridge, Georgia

“I had several medical issues which caused me to be unable to work. I saw Mr. Keener on his TV commercial and decided to call. I had never applied for benefits before, so I was unsure what I needed to do, but the The Keener Law Firm took care of everything. Jackie was awesome, and Mr. Keener was great at making sure I was ready for my hearing. They never let me down, and I would recommend them to everyone!”

Alberta Harrison

Brenda Maxwell of Dallas, Georgia

brenda-maxwell“I have rheumatoid arthritis and had need to apply for benefits for quite some time. I knew I could not do it on my own, and people kept telling me I should hire an attorney. I believe I saw Mr. Keener’s ad on TV and I called. I was put in touch with Tiffany and she was wonderful. She was efficient, nice, and went out of her way to help me. I appreciate all she and Mr. Keener did to get me ready for my hearing. When I arrived at the courthouse, Mr. Keener explained everything to me and was so kind and considerate. Between the two of them, I could not have been more prepared. I am actually eternally grateful to Tiffany! I would tell anyone to hire The Keener Law Firm, because I am certainly glad I did!”

Rayvette Lee of Fairburn, Georgia

“I had been injured in a car accident and hired another attorney. Long story short, it was a big mess. I found Mr. Keener’s ad in a phone book and decided to call. From day one the entire office staff has been fantastic. I especially have enjoyed working with Beth and Maureen! There is a spirit in that office that you don’t often find in a business. From the Bible on the table, to the smiles on everyone’s face. I actually share my newsletters with friends. We make the recipes and the Bible verses are used at MoreHouse on their vision boards. What a blessing this firm has been to me!”

Kimberly McCroskey of Anniston, Alabama

kimberly-mccroskey“In 2002 I had a brain aneurysm. I had a 30 percent chance of survival, but I made it but could no longer work. I was given a government attorney and without my knowledge, between 2003 and 2015 they took my case, dropped me, and then picked up my case again! No one told me anything. Finally my brother, Jeffrey Waldrop, told me to contact The Keener Law Firm. Mr. Keener had represented my brother and my brother could not say enough nice things about him. He said. ‘Kim, he’s a good guy like us who likes the country and tractors.’ I called the office, and I was connected with Tiffany. She and I just clicked. She listened to me, even when it had nothing to do with my case. She was so caring. I then had to go to a hearing with Mr. Keener. He is just awesome. I was scared to death about the hearing, but he put my mind at ease and just did a great job. He is a caring person and when I left that courtroom I looked at him as my friend and not my attorney. I tell everyone to use The Keener Law Firm to get their disability case approved!”

Luegenia Dempsey of Dahloega, Georgia

“I had applied once on my own, but was denied. I saw The Keener Law Firm on TV and signed up with them in 2015. It was great working with everyone, and Jackie was wonderful at answering my questions. She got to know me and became a true friend. I was approved without a hearing and was so grateful. I will most definitely tell others about the firm, but my mom is the one beaming telling people about the firm!”

Jerry Cramer Jr., Reviewed by Peggy Cramer of Powder Springs, Georgia (Jerry’s aunt)

jerry-cramer“Jerry has always been mentally challenged and it was difficult for him to keep a job. However, several years ago Jerry was running a forklift when the belt broke and the forklift ran over his leg. Jerry’s mother hired an attorney, but they actually ended up helping the company more than Jerry. He was given a small check and sent on his way. I saw The Keener Law Firm on TV and decided to call to help Jerry apply for disability benefits. It was truly so easy, even with us having to attend a hearing. We were informed about everything going on and were pleased with the result. I would most definitely refer the firm to friends and family.”

James Kates of Atlanta, Georgia

“I love The Keener Law Firm! They did everything they said they would do for me, and they discussed more than facts about my case with me. They were like family. If I was having a bad day, Mrs. Farr was there for me. They went above and beyond their duty, and always told me to keep the faith. Thanks to them my life is turned around, and I have been referring people to them as much as possible.”

Lisa Hillman of Oakland City, Georgia

Lisa Hillman“I had a lot going on with me and could not work. I applied for benefits twice on my own, but was denied both times. They thought it wasn’t serious, but it was very serious. I saw The Keener Law Firm on TV and called them. Tiffany took my case and it was like working with a friend. She also promptly returned my calls. My claim had to have a hearing and when I got there, Mr. Keener was great and assisted me so well. I would refer the firm to everyone!”

Darla Horton of Acworth, Georgia

“I was actually referred to The Keener Law Firm by my ex-husband who is a client of theirs. I was going to try to file on my own, but he convinced me to call. And they were awesome! I started the process with Jackie in August and found out last week I was approved … that was fast! It saved me a great deal of hassle, and I am already speaking with several friends about how they should hire the firm to handle their disability case!”

Tommy Staples of College Park, Georgia

tommy-staples“After an emergency trip to the hospital, it was discovered that I was suffering from Leukemia. I could no longer work, and I tried to apply for disability on my own, but was denied twice. I saw The Keener Law firm ad on TV and decided to give them a call. Jackie went right to work on my case. She documented everything, comforted me, and was really my right arm! When I went to my hearing, Mr. Keener explained everything to me and helped put me at ease. My case was approved, and I would most definitely refer The Keener Law Firm to my friends and family.”

David Kiser of Auburn, Georgia

“I had been fighting with the Social Security department since 2011 and had been denied four or five times. I was born blind and could not work. I was living off my mother and needed to get my benefits. I called The Keener Law Firm and they handled every single thing. The ONLY thing I had to do was go to my doctors’ appointments. Within four months of signing up with the firm, I was approved. I did not even have to go before a judge. I worked with Tiffany and she was wonderful. She kept me up-to-date on everything and made sure I made my appointments. I have already referred two others to The Keener Law Firm and would tell others to do the same.”

Angela Young of McDonough, Georgia

Angela Young“The first time I applied for disability benefits was in 2003 when I had breast cancer. I was denied and kept working. In 2012 I injured my arm at work and found myself unable to work. I applied for benefits again and was once more denied. In 2013 I truly could not work and my doctors sent me to therapy. I was diagnosed with permanent tendonitis, and I had hired a firm that was doing absolutely nothing for me. In September of 2015 I had one surgery, with three more surgeries after that one up until January 2016. These were surgeries in both hands and legs. Once again I tried to go back to work, but it was impossible. I began to have many more health issues and knew it was time to hire an attorney. I saw The Keener Law firm commercial on TV and called. I worked with Jackie and Mr. Keener, and they were both excellent. Many told me it would be a long road before I would see my benefits, but The Keener Law Firm got my case moving and got me my benefits. I tell everyone I come into contact with about The Keener Law Firm! They were truly a blessing to me.”

Jaynie Trice of Riverdale, Georgia

“The Keener Law Firm was so great! They kept me informed, and I had a wonderful experience working with them.”

Gail Thomas-Laws of Atlanta, Georgia

Gail Thomas-Laws

Gail Thomas-Laws

“I hadn’t worked for a while due to a large development of health issues. I had been with another firm for two years, and I was simply getting no where. I was then given to a paralegal named Jackie, but she told me she was leaving the firm and could not tell me which firm she was moving too. I understood ethically she could not say, but I was so disappointed. I was then given to another paralegal and that was a nightmare. She would even try to disguise her voice when I called her. I fired that firm and thought all hope was gone. After many months passed, I decided to Google Jackie, and I found her at The Keener Law Firm. I called her and she told me how excited she was to be working for a firm that was really helping people. I knew this was a sign, and I immediately signed up with the firm. Within months I had a court date set, a hearing and was approved. Truly everything done in about seven months. Jackie was simply the best. She was like my personal planner. She was detail oriented, she comforted me and was extremely knowledgeable about the Social Security system. She is someone you would like working with, but someone you would love as a friend. At the hearing Mr. Keener was great too. He was direct and got to the meat and potatoes of the situation. He guided me and helped the judge to understand why I needed to be approved. I would most definitely refer anyone to the firm because they really helped me!”

Katherine Vanderbogart of Marietta, Georgia

“Let me just say The Keener Law Firm will do what they say they are going to do! Everyone was incredible at the firm, from Cindy who answered the phone to Jackie who handled my case. I know there are lots of attorneys to choose from, but Keener is the best! If you do what they (the firm) tell you to do, they will do the rest! Again, The Keener Law Firm is the best firm ever!”

Sherry Scoggins of Marietta, Georgia

Sherry Scoggins

Sherry Scoggins

“I had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for more than 10 years. It just became so debilitating, I could no longer work. I applied for disability benefits on my own three times and I was denied every time. The last notice I received said I was to attend a hearing, and I knew I needed a lawyer to represent me. I knew about the firm because I received their newsletter. Several months before I had called for information, but never did anything, The newsletter came and it reminded me to call them! I began working with Jackie and she truly took care of me. She was very thorough, and Mr. Keener was awesome at my hearing. I was approved and could not be more thrilled. I would, and I have, recommend them to everyone!”

Keith Wood of Jackson, Georgia

“I had another firm that not only dropped the ball on my case, but also dropped me! Two weeks after they dropped me I saw Mr. Keener on the TV. I called The Keener Law Firm and they took my case. I was approved without a hearing, and I have already referred others to the firm. I can’t say enough about everyone at The Keener Law Firm! Oh, and I called that other firm back and said, ‘maybe you shouldn’t have dropped me, The Keener Law Firm just got me my disability benefits approved!'”

Arleen Duncan of Douglasville, Georgia

“I was denied three or four times for disability benefits when a friend suggested I get a lawyer. I went to the internet and Mr. Keener was the first attorney I found. I called and spoke with Aaron who got my case going. You see, I have had Cerebral Palsy since birth and as I’ve gotten older, it has gotten worse. I can’t stand for long periods of time, and I can’t use my left arm. Working was simply not an option. Jackie took my case and it was a miracle that I was finally approved with no hearing. She was awesome, and I would recommend The Keener Law Firm to everyone!”

Margo Wright of Jonesboro, Georgia

“I had been to numerous doctors who just weren’t believing how much pain I was in each day. I finally was referred to disability doctors who knew which tests to perform, and they concluded that I really was in a great deal of pain and could no longer work. I applied for benefits on my own, but was denied. I then found The Keener Law Firm online, and they were excellent. They were informative and got my claim approved with no hearing.”

Pam Davenport of Gainesville, Georgia

“I worked in a convenience store and it required a lot of heavy lifting. Over time my body just could not take it anymore, and I could no longer work. It was just too much for me. So in October of 2015 I decided to apply for disability. It dragged on and on, and finally I was denied. I saw The Keener Law Firm on TV and I don’t know what made me go with them, maybe God just put them there at that moment. But I called and got Jackie. She is the nicest person. She took over and everything went BAM. BAM, BAM. I did not have to have a hearing, I was just approve! I am now telling everyone I know about The Keener Law Firm!”

Ivette Davis of Austell, Georgia

Ivette Davis 2“I became suddenly ill and was hospitalized for a month and a half. I have a rare auto immune disease and found myself unable to work. I wanted to get better so badly and go back to work, but I simply was not getting any better. I tried to apply for disability benefits on my own, but was denied twice. Many people suggested I contact an attorney. I called two, and Aaron from the firm was the first one to call me back, He actually was so prompt, he called me twice in one day to let me know the firm would take my case! Now, I’m just thankful to God to still be alive! The doctors thought I was not going to make it but God had other plans for me. I’m so thankful to Jackie Farr and your law firm for helping me get my Social Security Disability approved when I had given up on it. Jackie is the ‘Angel,’ the right person I needed to speak with to handle my case. She was very professional but at the same time very understanding and compassionate toward me and I really appreciated that. She’s the best!!! And I will definitely recommend your firm to others.”

Louise Moore (for Larry Moore) of Snellville, Georgia

“My son was fired from his job and there truly was not another job he could handle. He has special needs and there are only a few things he can do. After realizing he could no longer work, I knew we needed to apply for disability benefits for him. I saw the commercial on the TV and called. I worked with Jackie and she was very nice. Larry was denied the first time, but approved the second time and we did not have to attend a hearing. Throughout the process Jackie was patient with me, and I knew I could call her about anything. I really liked this firm because they gave us more personal attention than business attention.”

Marvin Gipson of Carrollton, Georgia

Marvin Gipson“I was living a very active lifestyle when my past started catching up with me. I could no longer do the things I had always done, and work was almost impossible. I had tried to get disability three or four times before on my own, but was turned down every time. I decided to look in the phone book for attorneys. Most didn’t call me back, or did not return my call in a timely fashion. However, The Keener Law Firm called me right back and said they could help me. Tiffany took my case and she was excellent. I know I drove her crazy, but she was always so patient with me and took care of everything. I did have to go to a hearing and Mr. Keener was a great attorney. It was all really a very pleasant experience. I was so worried, but should not have been because they (Tiffany and Mr. Keener) had everything under control.”

Henry Carter of Marietta, Georgia

“About 10 years ago I was denied disability benefits, but was denied. I saw The Keener Law Firm commercial on TV and decided to call. I knew I needed a professional to handle the paperwork and the process. Jackie was pleasant and efficient. I also really liked working with Jessica too. I was thrilled that I was approved with no hearing and I would refer them to everyone.”

Kenyon Martin of College Park, Georgia

martin k“I had previously applied for benefits and was denied. After being denied, I hit the appeals decision part where I knew I would have to get a lawyer. I saw The Keener Law Firm ad several times on TV and compared them with another firm. After researching the two firms, I chose The Keener Law Firm. My decision was based on the fact they had a higher success rate than the other firm and all of their reviews talked about them being personable. I found that to be very true as they really worked hand-in-hand with me. Jackie was wonderful and kept me abreast of everything. She always responded back to me in a reasonable time, and Mr. Keener explained exactly what I could expect at my hearing. They were both great. I would refer them to anyone, and actually already have sent someone their way!”

Jimmy Strain of Douglasville, Georgia

“I had heard from friends that the best way to get a disability claim approved was to hire a lawyer. I had decided to do that, when I saw The Keener Law Firm ad on the TV. I called and I can’t believe how fast the process moved. In April of this year, I knew I could physically no longer work and as of a week ago, Jackie told me I was approved. She was very nice and and she knew what she was doing! I did not even have to have a hearing. I have a stack of Jackie’s business cards sitting right here and I am referring others to the firm.”

Douglas Ellison of Austell, Georgia

“I had tried to get disability benefits on my own, but really didn’t know what I was doing and was denied. I saw Mr. Keener’s commercial on television and called. Jackie was excellent and took all my worries away. I was approved with no hearing, and I have already referred a friend to the firm.”

Nanette Kittle of Covington, Georgia

“I had never applied for disability before and when I began to think about it, my sister advised me that it would be best to get an attorney. I saw The Keener Law Firm’s commercial and decided to call them. I was in tremendous pain every day from many different health issues including a brain tumor, COPD, Type 2 diabetes and many more issues. I worked with Jackie and she was always there for me if I had any questions. I was approved with no hearing, and I have already referred others to the firm.”

Danielle Thomas for James Thomas of Jackson, Mississippi

“My father has Alzheimers and he can no longer work. My mom lives in Douglasville and she had used The Keener Law Firm. She recommended that I call them to help get my dad his disability benefits. He had never applied before, but with the firm’s help, he was approved the first time. Jackie worked diligently on his case, and there was always someone there to answer my questions. The whole process only took four to five months, and I am so grateful my dad is now receiving his benefits.”

John Matthews of Shadyville, Georgia

John Matthews“I had applied for disability years ago but was denied. I had a lot going on in my life and knew I needed help. My insurance didn’t cover the help I needed and a treatment center finally advised me to get an attorney and reapply for Social Security disability benefits. I contacted The Keener Law Firm and they got me my benefits. Tiffany did a great job keeping me informed about my case, and Mr. Keener did an excellent job at my hearing. Overall the firm is just excellent, and I have already referred a friend to them.”

Sasha Cheatham of metro Atlanta

“I had filed online for my daughter, but she was denied. I really didn’t know how to proceed. I had mentioned the situation at work and a co-worker said they were using The Keener Law Firm and suggested I call them. When I let them (the firm) take the case they got it approved and my daughter has already received her second check. I absolutely would refer The Keener Law Firm to friends and family.”

(testimony given by Ronda Cheatham, Sasha’s mother)

Tim McElmeel of Villa Rica, Georgia

Tim McElmeel“I had applied twice for Social Security disability benefits and had been denied both times. I heard about The Keener Law Firm from a person at the Georgia Vocational Rehab facility. I called the firm and they got right on my case. Jackie and Mr. Keener answered all my questions and took great care of my case. I went to a hearing with Mr. Keener and I got approved. The whole process can be frustrating, but they helped me get my benefits approved and when all was said and done, it didn’t really take too terribly long. I would definitely recommend them!”

Troy Lanier of Hampton, Georgia

“I was watching TV when I saw Mr. Keener on the screen. I had had half my lung removed because I suffered from COPD and other ailments. After my surgery, I just could not seem to get better and knew work was no longer possible. I had never applied for disability before. but had heard it was best to start off with an attorney. The firm took my case and I did not even have to have a hearing. I was denied the first time, but Jackie re-entered my claim and I was approved. I would recommend The Keener Law Firm to anyone and everyone that needs a disability claim attorney. They were all great!”

Jessica Millett of Dallas, Georgia

Jessica MillettI moved to Georgia from Virginia and needed a lawyer to take my case that I had started in Virginia. I had been denied once on my own. I then got an attorney in Virginia who appealed the denial, but I was denied again. The last attorney said I would have to schedule a hearing, but I moved to Georgia in the middle of everything. I got on the internet and found The Keener Law Firm. I had actually called around to other attorneys but most were reluctant to take my case. Not The Keener Law Firm though. They signed me up and got right to work on my case. Jackie and Mr. Keener were both great. I went to my hearing and was approved! I was so pleased how quickly and easily the process moved. I would be more than happy to refer anyone to The Keener Law Firm.

Joe Tomlin of Social Circle, Georgia

Joe TomlinThere is no other word to describe where I was but despair. I had worked for 35 years, and I wanted to work; I wanted to contribute. However, I simply could not. I owned a carpet cleaning business and breathing in the chemicals all day had caused me to suffer from lung and heart issues. I had a heart attack in 2014 and actually had another one about two weeks ago. In 2012 I actually began working with another attorney to apply for disability benefits. He told me to wait to apply because there were new laws coming that could help me. I applied in 2013 and was denied. I went back to him, but we just weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on my issues. Then not too long ago, I was watching television and saw Mr. Keener’s commercial. I called and actually spoke to him first for about 30 minutes. He put me in touch with Jackie, and she got my case moving from there. Mr. Keener and I had to go to court and he was great. He got me Medicaid and my insurance benefits. Getting that Medicaid was everything to me, and I am so grateful. If anybody is really sick and they can’t work anymore, they need to call Mr. Keener.

Debra Rucker

William Smith of Forest Park, Georgia

William SmithOver the years my health had simply gotten worse, but it had been bad for many years. In the 80’s I had actually applied for disability benefits, but I was denied. I got older, and I just got worse. I now even have congestive heart failure. My cousin told me about The Keener Law Firm, and I called them to see if they would take my case. They did, and I really enjoyed working with Tiffany and Mr. Keener. He (Mr. Keener) was a true blessing for me when he spoke to the judge about my disability claim. Thanks to him, my case was approved. I am grateful for the firm and have already sent another friend to them.

Paul Williams of Fairburn, Georgia

I had been hurt on the job and my workers’ compensation wasn’t going so well. Eventually my employer let me go because I could not do my job. Not long after that, my wife passed away and I suffered from deep depression. I decided to apply for disability on my own, and I was denied. I waited a bit, applied again, and once again I was denied. I found The Keener Law Firm on the internet and decided to give them a call. Mrs. Jackie said my case looked like a good one. However, I was denied again, even though we all thought I had a sound case. But that denial letter didn’t stop The Keener Law Firm. They appealed and I went to a hearing with Mr. Keener. He did an excellent job and my disability claim was approved. The Keener Law Firm didn’t give up on me and fought for me until I was awarded my benefits.

Jerry Madaris of College Park, Georgia

Jerry MadarisMy line of work was in security, but I found myself becoming more disabled every year and unable to work. Walking and performing my normal job activities were becoming too hard for me. I had applied for disability benefits twice, but was denied both times. I had also been with another firm, but they just kept dragging my case along. I was getting no where. Then one day I saw The Keener Law Firm on television. I called and they got my case going. Jackie was fantastic, and she stayed in contact with me through the entire process. I had been trying to get my claim approved since 2012, and thanks to Mr. Keener and Jackie, I have been approved and will soon be receiving my benefits. I make it a point to tell everyone about the firm and how great they are at getting disability claims approved!

John Hodgson of Decatur, Georgia

After suffering with severe back issues for many years, I found myself unable to work. I had been out of work on and off again for almost eight years. Finally my roommate told me I should apply for disability benefits. I got the phone book out and found The Keener Law Firm. Mrs. Jackie Farr got right on my case. She was wonderful and is great at what she does. I did not even have to go to a hearing and was approved in about three months. I am thankful for the firm and have already referred other friends.

Steve Satterfield of Ballground, Georgia

My doctors had told me I could no longer work. I knew I needed to apply for disability benefits, but I didn’t want to do it on my own. Other people told me they had tried and tried and were always denied, so I decided to just get an attorney. My wife and I were watching TV and that’s when I saw the commercial for The Keener Law Firm. I called and Jackie got right on my case. If I had a question I called her and asked her. If she was busy she called me right back, I also couldn’t believe how quickly my case moved! In less than three months I was approved. I had really expected it to take much longer. I highly recommend the firm to anyone who is in need of disability benefits.

Jerry Campbell of Atlanta, Georgia

Jerry Campbell of Atlanta Georgia I have had a lot of issues in my life. In 1993 I was receiving SSI disability payments, but in ’96 they cut me off. I was told I was not disabled enough. So as things got worse, I decided to call The Keener Law Firm. I spoke with Mrs. Jackie and she helped me a lot. After she got my paperwork completed, I had to go to court with Mr. Keener, and what a blessing. He got me my disability back, and it’s just truly a blessing. I can’t really explain how I am feeling except to say they did a great job for me!

Alton Gamble of Dallas, Georgia

Back problems and COPD had me unable to work and I knew I needed to apply for Social Security disability. I had started the process on line, but then kept seeing these commercials for The Keener Law Firm on TV. I decided to give the firm a call, and they handled everything. I went to a couple of appointments, but other than that the firm took care of it all. I was approved quickly and would recommend them (The Keener Law Firm) to anyone!

April Watson of Douglasville, Georgia

April WatsonI was rear ended by a pick-up truck that then caused me to hit another car. It was a really bad wreck. I was sent to the hospital and when I was released and arrived home, I realized I could not walk because of the pain in my back. I actually could not even get out of bed, and I knew I needed an attorney. I called The Keener Law Firm and they immediately began working on my case. Mr. Keener, Mr. Little and Beth literally worked by my bedside to get my case going. They were attentive and answered all my questions. I knew what was happening with my case every step of the way. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has been involved in a serious car wreck.

Penny Ivey of Covington, Georgia

I just couldn’t work anymore. The more I tried to push myself, the worse I got. I had applied for benefits before, but I was denied. My friends kept telling me to get an attorney, and several of them referred me to The Keener Law Firm. I called, and they got right on my case. My friends told me Mrs. Jackie could win my case, and they were right. It took some time, but she assured me everything would be okay, and it was! I even received my benefits without going to court. I am now the person recommending The Keener Law Firm.

Latanya of Georgia

I fell in a grocery store because there was something on the floor. I wasn’t going to do anything about the situation, but my medical bills quickly became too much for me. When I decided to do something about it, suddenly the grocery store was no longer willing to help me, so I got an attorney. I actually found out about Mr. Keener from a friend of my mother. I spoke with Mr. Keener, who was very nice, and then began working with Beth. We worked great together, and I could ask her anything! Now I am coming off a serious foot surgery and have had to apply for disability. Beth referred me to Jackie in the office and she is now taking care of my claim. I am grateful to have found the firm and know God will get me through this situation.

Latasha Colton of Whitesburg, Georgia

Latasha ColtonFor 20 years I had worked as a store manager for Taco Bell. During that time, I had always had knee issues, but I worked through the pain. I was let go from Taco Bell and started receiving an unemployment check, however when that ran out I knew I needed to get back to work. I tried to work, but standing one hour was impossible, much less 45-50 hours per week. I decided to apply for Social Security disability benefits. I filled out all the paperwork, but was denied. That’s when I started looking for an attorney in the phone book. I actually called several, but the words of Mrs. Jackie made me call The Keener Law Firm back. She said we would go through the process ‘hand in hand.’ The firm is very family oriented and were attentive to my every need. Mrs. Jackie even came to the court house to see me before Mr. Keener and I went before the judge. Mrs. Jackie is the number one player and I am grateful for her support. I have told friends and family about The Keener Law Firm, and they are actually already helping a family member with their case.

Willie Bell of Atlanta, Georgia

I had been turned down twice for Social Security benefits and I didn’t know what to do. I had been with another firm but I had to get rid of them; they didn’t even tell me I had been denied. I found out I was denied when I called the Social Security Administration. So, I was watching TV and saw The Keener Law Firm. I wrote down the number and decided to call. I suffer from mental disorders which is why I can’t work. Everyone at the firm always treated me so kindly. Jackie worked on my case and Mr. Keener represented me when we went before the judge. I was so happy with everyone there (the firm), and they have even stayed in touch with me. I would refer them to anyone!

Andrew Jackson of Stockbridge, Georgia

I was attempting to go through the process of filing my disability claim with no representation, but really didn’t understand what I needed to do. I had been turned down by one law firm and then I saw a commercial on TV for The Keener Law Firm.

I had been out of work for two years and 10 months, and in only 32 days Mr. Keener got me approved to receive my benefits! I was so impressed with Mr. Keener and how he took the time to get to know me in such a short period of time. When I walked in for my hearing, you would have though he had known me my entire life.
Mrs. Jackie, was also wonderful in helping me get ready for my hearing and walking me through the process. I am still amazed how quickly my claim was approved, and I even got back pay benefits. I am so pleased, I have already begun telling everyone I know they should call The Keener Law Firm.

Audrey Apodaca of Georgia

I was involved in a life changing event that changed me not only physically but also emotionally. While working late one night at my job I was pistol whipped by a robber and was severely injured. Two of the suspects were arrested while one got away. Although I did receive a small workers’ compensation settlement, it would never have been enough for me to live on. After the incident I moved to Georgia, but found myself unable to function. I was traumatized. I had flashbacks and was living a completely sheltered life. I still can’t even be in a crowd for very long at the grocery store. One night while watching TV, I saw the ad for The Keener Law Firm. I called a few times but hung up because I trusted no one. Then I finally called and got Jackie. She was a breathe of fresh air. She was patient with my inability to collect my thoughts, she was compassionate, and she always called me right back. I could not even fill out the paperwork she sent me, so I went to the office and she helped me. That same day, Mr. Keener even came in and introduced himself to me. I was just blown away by everyone’s compassion. When I spoke with Jackie I felt like I was talking to my sister and when she got my application approved I just couldn’t believe it. Thanks to The Keener Law Firm I’ve got a chance for a new life.

Debra Shirley of Lithia Springs, Georgia

A cancer survivor living with the side effects of my treatments, I had tried to work as long as I could but was laid off in March. I attempted to get another job, but with my physical disabilities no one would hire me. I was watching TV and saw Mr. Keener’s commercial. I researched him and his firm on the internet and really liked what I read. He had a great record of winning, and I loved that he was local. I had looked at another firm, but they weren’t even in Georgia. Should my case have to go to court, I knew Mr. Keener would be there. Everyone at the firm did a great job in helping me get my benefits fast. I would recommend the firm to anyone needing legal help.

Pamela Streetman of Lithia Springs, Georgia

Pamela Streetman

After being refused twice (for Social Security disability) I felt like I was getting nowhere. Then I saw your TV ad and decided to call the firm. I received the paperwork and the Keener Law Firm got right on my case. I could not work because of side effects from diabetes, grand mal seizures and neuropathy in my feet. It was frightening and the bills were getting out of control. Jackie handled my cases and was so nice. Mr. Keener was great and my case was approved! I can’t thank The Keener Law Firm enough!

Shanika Neal of Atlanta, Georgia

I found The Keener Law Firm because I was looking for someone to help me get my Social Security benefits back. I suffer from Lupus and the Social Security administration said I was fine to go back to work, but I was not. I needed the money, so I did go back to work and I ended up back in the hospital. After searching online I found The Keener Law Firm and Mrs. Jackie. Jackie listened to me and to spoke to me about my case. She was always so professional and returned my calls if I called when she was not available. I did not have one problem and would refer anyone to The Keener Law Firm.

Marlene Bartkiewicz of Savannah, Georgia

I used to actively teach PE classes and swimming, but the side effects from a neck fusion and knee injury had left me unable to do my job. My doctor was the one who told me it was time to file for disability because he knew I could not continue the work. He also recommended that I get an attorney. He did not recommend one by name, but said using an attorney could help move the process along much faster. I searched on the Internet and found The Keener Law Firm. I called and they got right on my case. Within a few days of my first call with Jackie, my package arrived and I got her the documents she needed. She always took my call and if I had to leave a message my call was promptly returned. I would highly recommend the firm to others who are in need of disability benefits.

Carolyn Cannon of Grantville, Georgia

I was diagnosed with a muscle disease and had worked up until 2014. I had worked in a school system and after my third fall, I knew I could no longer work. I can’t express what a blessing it was to find The Keener Law Firm. I saw the ad on TV and then Googled the firm. The reviews were great and I could not agree more with them. Jackie was so patient and understanding with me. She was always so prompt in returning my calls, and she really cared about me and my family. If I hit a bump in the road, Jackie was right there making sure she worked everything out for me. Without a doubt I will refer friends and family members to The Keener Law Firm.

Sallie Brewer of Atlanta, Georgia

I worked as a warehouse worker and after my first knee replacement I knew I could not do that line of work anymore. This really became a reality when my doctors told me I would need a hip replacement and another knee replacement. I saw Mr. Keener on my TV and thought that he looked like a really good lawyer. I called the office and spoke to Jackie. She was just wonderful. I never had to call her because she kept me up to date on everything with regards to my case. I had never applied for disability before and within 5 months I was approved. My friends can’t believe it got approved that fast. I have already recommended The Keener Law firm to several of my friends.

Lisia Elder of Hull, Georgia

Lisia Elder

Lisia Elder

My injury happened in 2013 when I was working as a parapro for a local school system. I was attacked by one of my students and ended up with injuries to both of my elbows and right shoulder. Had I had a nice adjuster I would have never needed an attorney, but no one was willing to listen to me. I began searching the internet to see if I had a case, and I found The Keener Law Firm’s site. I chose Mr. Keener because he was willing to meet with me for no consultation fee and because of his informative videos. I watched every video he had on workers’ compensation and made the decision to hire him. I was completely frustrated and he and Samantha took care of everything. Samantha was so sweet and great to work with through the process. I would recommend the firm to anyone and am actually now working with their Social Security paralegal to help me obtain disability benefits due to the attack two years ago.

Bailey Bronwyn of Decatur, Georgia

I had been denied by the social security department for my disability claim. A friend then gave me the name of an attorney who she said I should call. I called him and he said my case was no good. Then one day I was watching METV and saw Mr. Keener on his ad. I loved that he was on the commercial and not a paid spokesperson. I called the office and Tiffany got right to work on my case. I explained to her how distressed I was about my bills and I could tell she truly cared. Before I knew it, she was calling to tell me I had been approved. I could not believe it! It was a wonderful experience working with her.

Tony Redd of Austell, Georgia

Tony ReddI came to Mr. Keener because I was in need of a workers’ compensation lawyer. I had suffered a shoulder injury and everything just went from bad to worse. A friend referred me to Mr. Keener and he was excellent. Both Mr. Keener and Amber kept me informed. They promptly returned my calls and were very easy to talk to. Without a doubt I’d refer The Keener Law Firm to anyone needing a great attorney.

Michael Neely of Atlanta, Georgia

I had suffered a stroke and had to drop out of school. I was living with my mother, but she passed away and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I saw Mr. Keener on TV and I decided to call. He and Jackie got right to work on my case. They kept me informed and Jackie explained everything to me. I have absolutely no complaints at all, and can’t believe how quickly they got my disability benefits approved. I send them both blessings and continue to refer them to anyone I know who needs an attorney.

Richard LaPerchia of New York

In March 2014 I had an emergency surgery. I was in a critical situation and was suffering from vocal paralysis and my oxygen supply was being cut off. I had no benefits at that time and after three weeks in the hospital, the bills were off the charts. I had applied for disability and was denied the first time. Beth Lee recommended I call Jackie in her office about reapplying for benefits. Jackie quickly got on my case, pushed for a hearing and months later I was receiving disability benefits. It’s a long process but Jackie kept me up-to-date on the progress. I am very happy with the service I got from The Keener Law Firm and I would highly recommend Mr. Keener. He was knowledgeable and extremely professional.

Stacy Cooper of Rutledge, Georgia

I was sick and simply could not work anymore. I knew I needed to apply for disability. I had dealt with several law firms and each of them told me there was nothing they could do for me. I didn’t know what to do! Then a friend of mine told be about The Keener Law Firm and how they had helped them. I called and they got right on my case. I told Jackie, my paralegal, I had been turned down by several other firms, but she stuck with me. She even made doctor’s appointment for me! When no one else could get me approved, The Keener Law Firm did!

Robert Turner of Tucker, Georgia

Robert Turner

For 27 years I had been employed as an Iron, union employee. But towards the end of my working years I just found myself in poor health. I was in a great deal of pain, but was unsure of what was wrong with me. After years of dealing with pain, I was diagnosed with colitis. It was clear that I was not going to be able to continue to work, but my pride got in the way. It wasn’t until after meeting with a family therapist that I was encouraged to accept my fate and look at applying for disability. Filing had never crossed my mind and again I was having a hard time with my situation. My first search was on Facebook and then I went online. There I found The Keener Law Firm and as soon as I spoke with Jackie I knew I had the right people! She (paralegal) literally told me everything was going to be okay. She quickly got my case moving and soon after I got the letter stating my claim was approved. It doesn’t get any better than it does dealing with The Keener Law Firm!

Loretta Bryant of Acworth, Georgia

Loretta BryantMr. Keener and I have a connection! He and his staff have helped me with three different cases, and I just can’t say enough about everyone at the office. For 17 years I worked as a food service director and chef. In 2011 I was hit from the back while my car was not moving. This resulted in a bad injury to my back and a personal injury case that was handled by Mr. Little. I was on medical leave for five months and then went back to work. When I got back to work we were cleaning out a building one day and I injured my back again. This resulted in a workers’ compensation case that Mr. Keener handled. I tried to continue to work, but the pain was just too much. My mind wanted to work, but my body just couldn’t do it any more. All of a sudden my life had completely changed. I did not know what to do, so I called Mr. Keener and he and Jackie helped me to get disability benefits. I was denied the first time, but with their help and advice my claim was approved and I got the benefits I needed to survive.

Valerie Clowers of Fairburn, Georgia

“I had applied for disability benefits twice and had been denied both times. It was obvious that I needed some help. My life had been spent working as a nurse, but when arthritis struck I was forced to take an early retirement. The money was not enough to pay the bills, and I knew I needed disability. I reached out to The Keener Law Firm and they were helpful, kind and caring. They answered all my questions and walked me through each step. I could not be more pleased with the firm for getting me my benefits, and I was grateful Mr. Keener was in my corner.”

Elgin Foxworth of Powder Springs, Georgia

Elgin Foxworth“I had worked for the federal penitentiary in Atlanta for 23 years. I was also a sheriff with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s department, and I am a Gulf War veteran. During my time in the war I broke my back and from there many other complications began to take place. After walking all those years on a concrete floor at the prison, my health began to fail. I developed neuropathy and I had to have a total hip replacement. It was impossible for me to work anymore. Because of my condition, the VA allowed me to retire medically, but it just was not paying the bills. I decided to apply for disability benefits on my own, but was denied both times. A friend recommended I get a lawyer and he said he had one for me, but I didn’t want to use his attorney. I had received a newsletter from Mr. Keener and I loved seeing that he was a spiritual man. He even had a Bible verse in his newsletter. I began to talk with his paralegal, Jackie, and I knew immediately who I was going to use to help me get my benefits.

“I can’t say enough about Mrs. Jackie. I was so frustrated with the system, but she gave me hope. She communicated with me all the time and would sometimes call when I was not even expecting to hear from her. I would even vote for her for president. I have already recommended Mr. Keener to several other friends and will continue to let people know about him and his firm. They made me feel great and I am so glad I found The Keener Law Firm.”

Tanya Bullis of Mableton, Georgia

Tanya Bullis

Tanya Bullis

I was in need of a firm to represent me. The pain I was experiencing was too great to work and I needed an attorney. I went online and began to search for someone to help me. I sent my information to several firms, and The Keener Law Firm was the first to respond. I am so glad they did because they took great care of me. I could no longer function and live with the pain and Jackie took care of me immediately. She helped me through the process, and the day Mr. Keener and I went to see the judge he was awesome! We even got a ruling that day so I could get my disability payments even sooner. I am so grateful for The Keener Law Firm and it’s staff.

Voncile West of Atlanta, Georgia

I had been denied disability benefits and just didn’t think there was much hope. I came across a newsletter from The Keener Law Firm and called them. Jackie got right on my case and got me the benefits I needed. I had worked as a housekeeper and had to have knee surgery. There was just no way I could continue to work. The Keener Law Firm worked hard for me and I have already recommended them to several others!

Floyd Piearcy of Buchanan, Georgia

I suffer from stage 4 liver disease and had already been denied Social Security benefits. I had tried to apply on my own, but that did not work. I knew I needed professional assistance, but I didn’t have the means to drag out a court case. I made up my mind to find an attorney, so I began to look in the yellow pages. There was Mr. Keener’s ad, and he and his staff were great. Everything was started within a week, and I am already approved! I loved working with my paralegal and she always returned my calls within 24 hours. I am so pleased, I have already referred others to the firm! I am forever grateful for The Keener Law Firm.

Jonathan Layson of Canton, Georgia (testimony given by Connie Layson, Jonathan’s mother)

Jonathan Layson

Jonathan Layson

Ask me about The Keener Law Firm and I will tell you they are all like family to us now. My son has been a diabetic since he was eight years old and has suffered from a number of medical conditions. He has kidney issues, scoliosis, seizures, neuropathy, high blood pressure, and is almost blind. Even with all of his conditions, he had been turned down for disability five times! For more than two years we had been represented by a firm that did absolutely nothing for him. It was just one bad experience after another. I was frustrated and did not know what to do next as he is only 31 years old. A friend referred me to The Keener Law Firm and it was the best referral I have ever received. My angel on earth was Mrs. Jackie. She was prompt, answered all my questions, and if she didn’t have the answer she found it as quickly as possible. I have already recommended the firm to others and will continue to do so as they helped me when no one else would.

Tonda J. Cooper (Gor­don County Board of Edu­ca­tion) of Adairsville, Geor­gia

“Injury and work­mans comp was a com­pletely for­eign land to me. Add to it pain, suf­fer­ing, end­less trips to doc­tors & med­ical facil­i­ties. With the med­ical side of it I felt like a side show of some kind, rarely really lis­tened to or under­stood. My calls to The Keener Law Firm calmed my fears. End­less times by their patiently explain­ing pro­ce­dures or what­ever else I needed. Always with patience, kind­ness and under­stand­ing leav­ing me with dig­nity. thank you so much! You truly sup­ported me through the entire process. Every­one in your office was on the same page, even when Har­rilee was gone from the office” (for can­cer treatment).”

Danielle Peter­son (Cin­gu­lar Wire­less Employee) of Dal­las, Geor­gia

Danielle Peter­son

Danielle Peter­son

“When I got injured at work, I spoke to a dif­fer­ent attor­ney who told me that as long as workman’s com­pen­sa­tion was coop­er­at­ing with me, I did not need an attor­ney. He was WRONG! I should have spo­ken to The Keener Law Firm first– as soon as I got hurt. Mr. Keener and his para­le­gal, Wendy, took my case seri­ously and walked me through every step of a very long and com­pli­cated process. Based on my expe­ri­ence, Mr. Keener and his staff were on my side all the way while a worker’s com­pen­sa­tion rep­re­sen­ta­tive may take advan­tage of my lack of knowl­edge about the worker’s comp. legal sys­tem. I rec­om­mend Mr.Keener and his staff to any­one who found them­self in a posi­tion to need a worker’s com­pen­sa­tion or per­sonal injury attorney.”

Connie Abdullah of Atlanta, Georgia

I had an attorney and she just dropped my case. I had no idea what to do. I had already been denied benefits four times, so I felt completely hopeless. I was staying with my daughter and that’s when I saw Mr. Keener on the TV. There was just something about him that made me know they could win my case. I worked with Jackie, and she was just awesome. Thanks to Jackie’s hard work I was able to get my disability benefits. I have been referring my friends to the firm, too. The firm was just the right one for me, and I am so thankful for The Keener Law Firm.

Charles Powell of Atlanta, Georgia

My boss had let me go from my job. She said I was too slow, and I couldn’t get any unemployment. I knew right then and there, I had to do something. I had never hired a lawyer in my life and did not know what to do. I got on a friend’s computer and found The Keener Law Firm. This firm is just awesome, and I can’t say enough about Jackie and how she helped me not to be scared. They always took my calls, explained things to me, and got me my disability benefits!

Louis Carr of Powder Springs, Georgia

“I had been injured on the job, and I was worried about how I was going to provide for my family. My job didn’t treat me the way I thought they should have, so I decided to get an attorney. I saw Mr. Keener on the TV, and I called him. I told him that I could not get to his office, but he said that was no problem. He actually came to my house! There are some really fine people that work at the firm, and my paralegal was a great lady. The Keener Law Firm took the pressure of the situation away from me, and they handled everything. They are a good firm with good people, and I recommend them to everyone!”

Jerome Alford of Decatur, Georgia

Two days before my disability hearing my attorney quit on me. I knew I could not do it on my own, but I did not know what to do. It was at that moment when God blessed me with Mr. Keener. I sat down at my computer and Googled “disability attorney.” Three firms came up, and I contacted them all. However, The Keener Law firm was quick to respond to my email and get to work on my case. It was nothing but God. The firm stood out to me because of their experience, their confidence, and their knowledge of every step of the process. Not only was I at ease because of their help but they also made me remain hopeful. I was homeless and ready to give up on life, but after speaking with Jackie, I was encouraged not to give up! God knows what He is doing and He lead me to The Keener Law Firm. I tell everyone I know that they are the firm to hire, and not because I won, but because they cared.

David Hunnicutt of Griffin, Georgia

In 2014 I suffered a stroke and quickly found myself unable to work. I did not know where to turn, who to call and more importantly, who to hire. I had done some research on my own, but then I saw Mr. Keener on the TV. As I begin to ask around, I found out that a friend of mine had used The Keener Law Firm, and he was more than satisfied with the firm. I made the call and boy am I glad I did! From the first call with my paralegal, Jackie, I knew I had made the right choice. She was simply awesome. Jackie guided me through each and every step, answered all my calls and gave me hope. If anyone is looking for a lawyer to handle their disability claim, they need not look any farther than The Keener Law Firm.

Jim Pledger (retired police officer)

“Thank you and thanks to everyone at The Keener Law Firm for all you have done for me and my family. This was a new experience for me and the hardest part was deciding to hire an attorney. There is no way I could have accomplished for myself what you all did for me. I am a retired police officer, and I now teach at a local college. I have three college degrees and with that background, I was totally lost as to how to proceed after I realized I was really injured. I have told people I know that if anything similar should happen to them, hire an attorney, hire Keener.”

Larry Ray (Trac­tor Trailer Dri­ver) of Chattsworth, Geor­gia

Larry Ray

Larry Ray

“We were kept informed all the time and treated like real peo­ple, Mr. Keener and Wendy’s ser­vice was great and car­ing.”

Den­nis & Latasha Williams (Con­struc­tion Worker) of Austell, Geor­gia

Den­nis & Latasha Williams

Den­nis & Latasha Williams

“We love the way y’all han­dled our case. Thanks for the way y’all were respect­ful and keep in touch with us about our case. We will always keep y’all in mind and rec­om­mend you to oth­ers! Thanks once again for always being kind even when I thought we both­ered y’all too much.”

Robert R. Rolle & Rebecca D. Baker (Owner Jan­i­to­r­ial Com­pany) of Wood­stock, Geor­gia

Robert & Becky Rolle

Robert & Becky Rolle

“Both my fiancé and I are for­mer clients of the Keener Law Firm. The level of respect and dig­nity we received, along with the entire staff tire­lessly being there made us feel like fam­ily. The only thing we regret is not being able to ever repay the entire firm for what they all helped us through. Russell’s expla­na­tion and knowl­edge of the law, along with his prompt return calls and e-mails are all 21st cen­tury. We never felt out of the loop or alone. Thanks again all!”

Tony Tavares (MARTA Employee) of Grif­fin, Geor­gia

I was happy with the great results obtained on my case by the Keener Law Firm. My tele­phone calls were returned promptly and I was always kept informed of the progress of my case. I would refer The Keener Law Firm to my friends and fam­ily. I would cer­tainly use them again.”

Joe Souther­land (Copier Com­pany Employee) of Talk­ing Rock, Geor­gia

Joe Souther­land

Joe Souther­land

“You and your team were always sup­port­ive. When I first spoke with you one of the biggest things I had in mind was that I didn’t want any­thing that wasn’t mine. Your answer was great. You said “that’s how we do busi­ness”, I was really happy with that. Also, with things like I was talk­ing to you about, it was going to take some time, and when­ever I would call, there was always a kind, patient voice on the other end who would tell me exactly where we were, if there were updates, and what they were. You guys were great, and I always tell peo­ple about you when I hear they are in need of legal rep­re­sen­ta­tion. I hope they do con­tact you because I know you will take care of them. Thanks to you and all your team.” The Keener Law Firm gets a big THUMBS UP!  Be Blessed, Joe”

Donna W. Tarver (Tex­tile Employee) of Clay­ton, Geor­gia

“The Keener law firm rep­re­sen­ta­tives are hon­est and care about you the client. All aspects of my case were ade­quately explained to me. They explain in full detail my legal rights. Over­all they are just, hon­est and car­ing law firm! I was sat­is­fied with the results. They returned phone calls promptly, and I was kept informed of the case progress quite frequently. I would use them again.”

Bobby Miolen (Fac­tory Employee) of Dal­ton, Geor­gia

“The Keener Law firm approached my case in a per­sonal, pro­fes­sional, and car­ing way. They gave me hon­est and pro­fes­sional answers to all my ques­tions and con­cerns. Each one of the staff was cour­te­ous and did all they could to keep me informed and got me the best results. I will rec­om­mend you to all who need a good, reli­able, and hon­est lawyer for their case. Your num­ber one in my book.”

Tye­sha Barsh (Cer­ti­fied Nurs­ing Assis­tant) of Atlanta, Geor­gia

Tye­sha Barsh

Tye­sha Barsh

I was very pleased with the per­for­mance of The Keener Law Firm. I hon­estly enjoyed the com­mu­ni­ca­tion with every­one there.  I am so thank­ful for Wendy sit­ting on the other end of the line through my rants.  I love the hon­est, good nature & resource­ful tact­ful­ness of Travis.  Nobody ups Mr. Keener’s cocky swag (happy face)  I am very thank­ful to The Keener Law Firm for always treat­ing me like a pri­or­ity.  Thank you for never let­ting me feel alone and for let­ting the wolves on the other side KNOW that I wasn’t’ ALONE!”

Revial John­son (Ful­ton County Board of Edu­ca­tion Employee) of Grif­fin, Geor­gia

“Mr. Keener got me all my ben­e­fits from my job and all the med­ical care I needed. He made my life easy to live day by day and in my time of need he came through for me with a big set­tle­ment.”

Ronald Lay­ton (Kroger Employee) of Buford, Geor­gia

Ron Lay­ton

Ron Lay­ton

“The Keener Law Firm is the best. They treat you as a human being and not as a num­ber. They care for you and your well­-be­ing. I have stage 4 can­cer and even after my case settled they would call to check up on meWOW! That says a lot. His paralegals are the best. They took the time to talk with me about life and my case. They CARE.”

Betty Hol­land (Retired) of Can­ton, Geor­gia

Mr. Keener han­dling an aggres­sive, unpleas­ant adjuster employed by the Insur­ance car­rier of the truck that hit me was very dis­qui­et­ing and beyond any expe­ri­ence I had. When I spoke with Mr. Keener, and he assured me his firm would help me, I felt as if a very heavy bur­den had been lifted from me. I can­not express how very much I appre­ci­ate the help of the Keener Law Firm and would rec­om­mend them to any­one need­ing legal ser­vices.”

Lisa Ben­nett (Para­medic) of Peachtree City, Geor­gia

Lisa Ben­nett

Lisa Ben­nett

Rus­sell Keener is a spit­fire, and I make that state­ment with all due respect 🙂 This man knows his law in and out and helped me with sev­eral unpleas­ant and dif­fi­cult insur­ance adjusters. He is straight to the point, respect­ful, and per­sonal. If it hadn’t been for Mr Keener I don’t know where I would be today with regards to my sit­u­a­tion. “I am thank­ful for being rec­om­mended to the Keener Law firm, and will be for­ever grate­ful for them for tak­ing care of me and my case at a time when I was alone and no one wanted to talk to me or call me back. Mr. Keener always tells his clients that “if insur­ance com­pa­nies did their job prop­erly he would be out of a job!” “Mr Keener and Mary Ellen were absolutely fab­u­lous! They keep you abreast of your case either by phone or email, and gave you the infor­ma­tion in such a way you do not have to “know”” the Law your­self. He was also very per­sonal in every aspect. Upon meet­ing Mr. Keener and Mary Ellen at their office, it was very com­fort­able & non-intimidating. I was kept informed every step of the way even if i didn’t like the answer.” “My case man­ager was Mary Ellen who I really became quite fond of! I spoke with Mary Ellen so often, be it to vent, com­plain, or inquire that I shall miss my com­mu­ni­ca­tion with her now that my case has been set­tled!  Mary Ellen was so help­ful, and went out of her way sev­eral times to help me in my times of need.”   I would definitely rec­om­mend The Keener Law Firm as they were all a plea­sure to deal with from begin­ning to end.”

Safari Williams (Pizza Hut Employee) of Grif­fin, Geor­gia

“Your firm took the time to explain every­thing to me. I feel like Mr. Keener rep­re­sented me to the fullest and with respect. Mr. Keener took care of me when I could not take care of myself. If I had to do it all over, I would use the Keener Law Firm again. I am very sat­is­fied with the ser­vice.”

Stacey Jones (Cer­ti­fied Med­ical Assis­tant) of Cave Springs, Georgia

Stacey Jones

Stacey Jones

“Every­one in the office was very cour­te­ous and very pro­fes­sional. If they didn’t know the answer, they would always find out as quickly as pos­si­ble. I am sat­is­fied with the final result. My phone calls were returned promptly, I was kept informed on the progress of my case and I would refer the Keener Law firm to my friends and fam­ily and use them again if nec­es­sary.”

Adri­ane Patrick (K-Mart Employee) New­nan, Geor­gia

Adri­ane Patrick

Adri­ane Patrick

“The Keener Law Firm answered all my ques­tions. I liked Mr. Keener’s atti­tude, I like the fact that Mr. Keener is a busy lawyer, and to me that means he a good lawyer because he is con­stantly work­ing. Mr. Keener doesn’t take any slack from the insur­ance com­pany. He gets straight to the point, he will tell you what to expect with your case. I would use them again and I rec­om­mend The Keener Law Firm.”

Dana McGuire (Restau­rant Employee) of Rome, Geor­gia

Dana McGuire

Dana McGuire

“Mr. Keener & his paralegal were great! I received per­sonal atten­tion when­ever I called. I was sat­is­fied with the representation I received. Every­thing about the expe­ri­ence was great. When the insur­ance com­pany stopped my checks & med­ical care, Mr. Keener got them going again.  He held the insur­ance company’s feet to the fire until they did the right thing.  I would use them again and I def­i­nitely rec­om­mend the Keener Law Firm.”

Nicholas Trem­ble (Ware­house Worker) of Jones­boro, Geor­gia

Nicholas Trem­ble

Nicholas Trem­ble

“Mr. Keener is direct and straight to the point, intel­li­gent and wise beyond his years.  He makes you feel like fam­ily.  My case man­ager is some­one you can count on. He is love­able and a good lis­tener.  This was my first case with the Keener Law Firm.  They did me a great ser­vice and wel­comed me with open arms.  They made me feel impor­tant and like I WAS num­ber one.  They han­dled sit­u­a­tions very pro­fes­sion­ally and I was very pleased with it.  It’s like I found a fam­ily that really cares and loves me. Thank you from the bot­tom of my heart!”

San­dra Rox (Man­u­fac­tur­ing Worker) of Rock­mart, Georgia

San­dra Rox

San­dra Rox

“The Keener Law Firm did a very good job at explain­ing the case to me and stay­ing in touch with me when promised. My case man­ager, Mary Ellen, was a great help to me.  I was very sat­is­fied with Mr. Keener.  He kept his promises and gave me qual­ity work with integrity. I had an attor­ney before and he didn’t get the case resolved as quickly as Mr. Keener did.  Mr. Keener explained every­thing in a way that was easy for me to understand. You can’t ask for a bet­ter firm than The Keener Law Firm.”

Teresa Barks (Small Busi­ness Owner) of Hiram, Georgia

Teresa Barks

Teresa Barks

“I like and trust The Keener law firm. I found them to be cour­te­ous, friendly, knowl­edge­able and effi­cient. I would even rec­om­mend them to a friend or fam­ily mem­ber because of their pro­fes­sional and help­ful atti­tude. They were always well pre­pared and thor­ough in han­dling my legal mat­ter and I’m very pleased with the expe­ri­ence I received with the Keener Law firm.”

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Glo­ria Derousse, of Cedar Bluff, Alabama

Glo­ria Derousse Testimonials about The Keener Law Firm

Glo­ria Derousse

“The Keener Law Firm was pro­fes­sional and kind to us show­ing inter­est in what hap­pened to me and the injuries as a result of the acci­dent. They answered any ques­tions or con­cerns we had. The expe­ri­ence was pro­fes­sional yet friendly. We were appre­ci­ated and they assured us we would be fine. We were very happy with the outcome.They kept the lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tion open.“

Kevin Mon­ette (Secu­rity Guard) of Dac­ula, Geor­gia

“The Keener law firm rep­re­sen­ta­tives were always avail­able to answer my ques­tions and care for my wor­ries. The Keener law firm fought hard to make sure I was taken care of and I never felt like I was just a num­ber. Mr. Keener and his team were always work­ing hard to make sure I saw the best doc­tors and when road blocks were attempted, they moved quickly to get my care flow­ing again. I highly rec­om­mend Mr. Keener and his team…”
They were always avail­able to help me out when I needed it the most.

Janice Duncan

Teresa Barks

Janice Duncan

“Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with Keener Law Firm and to thank you for the work you put into my case.

I was treated respectfully by everyone with whom I spoke. Jackie Farr was so kind and patient, always answering my questions professionally and honestly, while also returning my calls promptly and just being “nice” all the time. She made me feel as if my case were her only one, giving me all the time I needed when speaking with me on the phone.

Thank you again for all your hard work on my behalf. I will be recommending Keener Law Firm if I hear of anyone seeking an excellent legal team.”