Below are some of our ver­dicts and settlements

At the Keener Law Firm, no case is ever too small or too large.

  • Con­fi­den­tial res­o­lu­tion against defen­dants Durakon Indus­tries, Conoco Oil Com­pany et al. v. Lee Jack­son, client burned at gas sta­tion due to fail­ure to warn of dan­ger­ous con­di­tion. Geor­gia Court of Appeals & Geor­gia Supreme Court
  • Undis­closed con­fi­den­tial set­tle­ment and Med­ical License per­ma­nently sur­ren­dered against doc­tor who was found to pose an immi­nent dan­ger to the health, safety and wel­fare of the pub­lic sec­ondary for hav­ing be found to have con­ducted unpro­fes­sional, dis­hon­or­able, and uneth­i­cal con­duct aris­ing from events involv­ing my client.
  • $4,000,000 (S.J.) Client seri­ously injured on the job result­ing in both a work­ers’ com­pen­sa­tion and 3rd party injury action.
  • $3,433,000 (M.H.) To workers seri­ously injured on the job result­ing in both a work­ers com­pen­sa­tion and a 3rd party injury action.
  • $2,000,000 (B.C.) against auto­mo­bile man­u­fac­turer for design defect result­ing in cat­a­strophic injuries to our client.
  • $1,000,000 (M.D.) against Atlanta area hos­pi­tal for death of patient in which intu­ba­tion tube was incor­rectly placed result­ing in coma and sub­se­quent death.
  • $868,000 (G.M.) Ampu­ta­tion case
  • $587,000 (S.J.) To Work­ers Com­pen­sa­tion Case involv­ing mul­ti­ple injuries, includ­ing torn aorta and mild TBI.
  • $550,000 (C.D.) For back injuries against cor­po­rate defen­dant who was drink­ing and dri­ving at time of wreck.
  • $525,000 (H.M.) — Client injured back after falling from street sign
  • $500,000 (S.B.) Against Geor­gia Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion for car wreck result­ing in back injury.
  • $380,000 (J.R.) Bad faith claim against GEICO on a $25,000 pol­icy they refused to ten­der sec­ondary to back injury.
  • $375,000 Sin­gle car acci­dent in which elderly pas­sen­ger received mild closed head injury.
  • $335,000 (G.F.) Fam­ily hurt by teen dri­ver who turned in front of them in inter­sec­tion caus­ing the wreck.
  • $275,000 (H.M.) New Hand­i­cap Acces­si­ble Home pur­chased for our client under Geor­gia Work­ers’ Com­pen­sa­tion System
  • $275,000 (M.H.) For Injured worker suf­fer­ing from shoul­der and neck injuries
  • $247,000 (P.J.) Fin­ger Amputations
  • $243,000 (R.L.) Truck­ing acci­dent result­ing in non-surgical Lum­bar disc pro­tru­sion and bulge & com­pres­sion fracture.
  • $225,000 (J.P.) Back Injury
  • $200,000 (M.K.) Hit by 18 wheeler mak­ing ille­gal turn result­ing in bro­ken foot, injury to neck and back & nerve damage.
  • $200,000 (T.H.) For injured worker with head and shoul­der injury
  • $190,000 (C.R.) For injured worker suf­fer­ing from cer­vi­cal injury.
  • $150,000 (P.F.) Back Injury at work
  • $150,000 (M.P.) Neck injury at work
  • $126,000 (P.A.) Surgery rec­om­mended on work­ers comp. case against K-Mart.
  • $100,000 + 12 Months of med­ical care (L.C.) Mid-Back Injury
  • $100,000 (C.D.) Motor­cy­cle acci­dent, bro­ken leg
  • $100,000 (E.S.) Child injured in car wreck
  • $100,000 (R.H.) Bro­ken Leg
  • $100,000 (C.C.) Foot Injury
  • $92,500 (K.J.) Bro­ken Right Ankle
  • $88,000 (T.I.) Knee Injury
  • $65,000 Hand­i­cap van for injured worker.
  • $50,000 (M.R.) Foot Injury

Many more cases both small and large. No case is too small or too large. The Keener Law Firm has over 20 years of expe­ri­ence help­ing Geor­gia fam­i­lies obtain jus­tice for their injuries. Call today 1–800-900‑2400 for a free pri­vate review of your claim.