Nursing Home Negligence

Lawyers for Res­i­dents of Nurs­ing Homes, Per­sonal Care Homes, and Assisted Liv­ing Facilities

The attor­neys at The Keener Law Firm aggres­sively rep­re­sent clients in inves­ti­ga­tions and legal pro­ceed­ings to hold wrong­do­ers at nurs­ing homes, per­sonal care homes, and assisted-living facil­i­ties account­able for per­sonal injury, neglect, abuse, and wrong­ful death of elderly or infirm res­i­dents.  We are there to rep­re­sent those who often times can not speak for them­selves and work closely with fam­i­lies in achiev­ing jus­tice for the involved parties.

We Are Not Like Other Long-Term Care Law Firms

Unlike many other long-term care lit­i­ga­tion law firms, we at The Keener Law Firm believe ask­ing clients to sign a 50% con­tin­gency agree­ment is unfair. We are here for YOU and charge you noth­ing to inves­ti­gate your case. When you make the choice to hire one of our attor­neys, your deci­sion is 100% risk-free. And remem­ber, we do not get paid unless we win your case for you!

Another impor­tant dif­fer­ence in The Keener Law Firm is that we are not a vol­ume prac­tice. We believe each case deserves the time and indi­vid­ual atten­tion it requires to build a suc­cess­ful case. We strive to inves­ti­gate all cases thor­oughly and promptly, and our team prides it­self on lit­i­gat­ing cases aggres­sively. We can afford to fund the lit­i­ga­tion of every case, and can offer all of this for our clients because we do not take on more cases than we can han­dle. With us, the term “Val­ued Client” is not just a promise we make at that first meet­ing.  You won’t be for­got­ten when you walk out the door and your calls will be returned in a timely man­ner.  To us at The Keener Law Firm the attorney-client pact is a team effort, and we are always acces­si­ble to you.  At our firm … we put YOU first!

Hire Us as Your Atlanta Nurs­ing Home Law Firm

The Keener Law Firm is located con­ve­niently in the metro Atlanta area, how­ever should you need us to come to you to inves­ti­gate your case it is never a prob­lem. An estab­lished firm, The Keener Law Firm has rep­re­sented indi­vid­u­als against some of the largest cor­po­ra­tions and insur­ance com­pa­nies in the United States for more than 20 years. If you have retained a law firm to help you pur­sue a long-term care neg­li­gence case against a nurs­ing home, assisted-living facil­ity, or per­sonal care home, and you feel the firmhas not lived up to its promises to you, we encour­age you to reach out to us today. If you make the choice to retain our firm, we would like the chance to help you cor­rect the mis­takes that have been made and lit­i­gate the case the way it should be lit­i­gated!  Once again putting YOU first!

Lawyers Exclu­sively Rep­re­sent­ing Per­sonal Injury and Wrong­ful Death Victims

If your fam­ily mem­ber is a res­i­dent of a nurs­ing home, per­sonal care home, or assisted-living facil­ity and has suf­fered finan­cial abuse, bed sores, infec­tions, bro­ken bones from falls, or other per­sonal injury or wrong­ful death, call the expe­ri­enced Atlanta Nurs­ing Home Lawyers at The Keener Law Firm today. We have the knowl­edge and resources to take on the pow­er­ful cor­po­ra­tions and teams of lawyers in the nurs­ing home industry.

Nurs­ing Home Injuries and Accidents

We rep­re­sent nurs­ing home res­i­dents and their fam­i­lies with regard to all pos­si­ble injuries and acci­dents that result from neg­li­gence of long-term care providers. These may include:

  • Bed sores (Also called “decu­bi­tus ulcers” or “pressure sores”)
  • Med­ica­tion errors, such as overmedication
  • Dehy­dra­tion or malnutrition
  • Stran­gu­la­tion or asphyxiation
  • Injuries caused by bed rails or other phys­i­cal restraints
  • Repeated falls
  • Wan­der­ing (Also called “elopement”)
  • Phys­i­cal assault or sexual abuse
  • Other unex­plained injuries

The attor­neys at The Keener Law Firm, who are respected Geor­gia Wrong­ful Death Attor­neys, have the skills and com­pe­tence to thor­oughly review your case, coun­sel you prop­erly, and if mer­ited, lit­i­gate aggres­sively for you as if you were our only client. Each of our attor­neys has made it his life’s work to recover the most com­pen­sa­tion pos­si­ble for clients, whether by set­tle­ment or verdict.

Free Con­sul­ta­tion with an Atlanta Nurs­ing Home Lawyer

To speak with one of our Atlanta Nurs­ing Home Lawyers at The Keener Law Firm, please call us today at (770) 955‑3000 or Toll-Free at (800) 900‑2400 or con­tact us by e-mail to request that we fol­low up with you.  At The Keener Law Firm we are com­mit­ted to putting YOU first!