Often times we hear from our clients that their medical providers are refusing to accept their health insurance coverage as payment when they seek treatment after an accident, such as a car crash, or slip and fall. This is improper and in another state led to serious claims against the hospital that refused to submit the patient’s bills to her health insurance company.

Why Would this Happen?
The provider would rather collect the full price of their services than accept the discounted contract rate they have with insurers like BCBS, Cigna, Coventry, United Healthcare, Medicare or Medicaid.

What Can I do?
If you are injured in an accident, insist on providing your health insurance information, even if you may be responsible for a deductible or copay.
Insist the provider accept the card from you and scan or photocopy it for their records. Insist they submit your bills to your insurance company.
If they still refuse, call The Keener Law Firm immediately!

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