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  • I suffer from stage 4 liver disease and had already been denied Social Security benefits. I had tried to apply on my own, but that did not work. I knew I needed professional assistance, but I didn’t have the means to drag out a court case. I made up my mind to find an attorney, […]

    Floyd Pieracy of Buchanan, GA
  • Ask me about The Keener Law Firm and I will tell you they are all like family to us now. My son has been a diabetic since he was eight years old and has suffered from a number of medical conditions. He has kidney issues, scoliosis, seizures, neuropathy, high blood pressure, and is almost blind. […]

    Jonathan Layson of Canton, GA (testimony given by Connie Layson, Jonathan’s mother)
  • “Injury and work­mans comp was a com­pletely for­eign land to me. Add to it pain, suf­fer­ing, end­less trips to doc­tors & med­ical facil­i­ties. With the med­ical side of it I felt like a side show of some kind, rarely really lis­tened to or under­stood. My calls to The Keener Law Firm calmed my fears. End­less […]

    Tonda J. Cooper (Gor­don County Board of Edu­ca­tion) of Adairsville, Geor­gia
  • “When I got injured at work, I spoke to a dif­fer­ent attor­ney who told me that as long as workman’s com­pen­sa­tion was coop­er­at­ing with me, I did not need an attor­ney. He was WRONG! I should have spo­ken to The Keener Law Firm first– as soon as I got hurt. Mr. Keener and his para­le­gal, […]

    Danielle Peter­son (Cin­gu­lar Wire­less Employee) of Dal­las, Geor­gia
  • I had an attorney and she just dropped my case. I had no idea what to do. I had already been denied benefits four times, so I felt completely hopeless. I was staying with my daughter and that’s when I saw Mr. Keener on the TV. There was just something about him that made me […]

    Connie Abdullah of Atlanta, Georgia

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You’ve been injured and you believe the insurance company is on your side, right? Wrong! You must know and understand that the insurance company and insurance adjusters do not care about giving you a FAIR and EQUITABLE payout. Their sole focus is to MINIMIZE the payout they must give to you.

They have spent millions of dollars on lawyers, training and contracts to position themselves to take advantage of your injury and your situation. The worst thing you could do right now is talk to an adjuster or sign ANY FORMS before seeking advice from a professional.

Your future depends on the decisions you make right now. One wrong decision could have HARMFUL repercussions to your future. Not only your personal future, but the future of your family, friends and loved ones.

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