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  • “I had previously applied for benefits and was denied. After being denied, I hit the appeals decision part where I knew I would have to get a lawyer. I saw The Keener Law Firm ad several times on TV and compared them with another firm. After researching the two firms, I chose The Keener Law […]

    Kenyon Martin of College Park, Georgia
  • “I had applied for disability years ago but was denied. I had a lot going on in my life and knew I needed help. My insurance didn’t cover the help I needed and a treatment center finally advised me to get an attorney and reapply for Social Security disability benefits. I contacted The Keener Law […]

    John Matthews of Shadyville, Georgia
  • “I had applied twice for Social Security disability benefits and had been denied both times. I heard about The Keener Law Firm from a person at the Georgia Vocational Rehab facility. I called the firm and they got right on my case. Jackie and Mr. Keener answered all my questions and took great care of […]

    Tim McElmeel of Villa Rica, Georgia
  • “I was watching TV when I saw Mr. Keener on the screen. I had had half my lung removed because I suffered from COPD and other ailments. After my surgery, I just could not seem to get better and knew work was no longer possible. I had never applied for disability before. but had heard […]

    Troy Lanier of Hampton, Georgia
  • I moved to Georgia from Virginia and needed a lawyer to take my case that I had started in Virginia. I had been denied once on my own. I then got an attorney in Virginia who appealed the denial, but I was denied again. The last attorney said I would have to schedule a hearing, […]

    Jessica Millett of Dallas, Georgia

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You’ve been injured and you believe the insurance company is on your side, right? Wrong! You must know and understand that the insurance company and insurance adjusters do not care about giving you a FAIR and EQUITABLE payout. Their sole focus is to MINIMIZE the payout they must give to you.

They have spent millions of dollars on lawyers, training and contracts to position themselves to take advantage of your injury and your situation. The worst thing you could do right now is talk to an adjuster or sign ANY FORMS before seeking advice from a professional.

Your future depends on the decisions you make right now. One wrong decision could have HARMFUL repercussions to your future. Not only your personal future, but the future of your family, friends and loved ones.

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