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  • “I had applied for disability benefits twice and had been denied both times. It was obvious that I needed some help. My life had been spent working as a nurse, but when arthritis struck I was forced to take an early retirement. The money was not enough to pay the bills, and I knew I […]

    Valerie Clowers of Fairburn, Georgia
  • “I had worked for the federal penitentiary in Atlanta for 23 years. I was also a sheriff with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s department, and I am a Gulf War veteran. During my time in the war I broke my back and from there many other complications began to take place. After walking all those years […]

    Elgin Foxworth of Powder Springs, Georgia
  • I was in need of a firm to represent me. The pain I was experiencing was too great to work and I needed an attorney. I went online and began to search for someone to help me. I sent my information to several firms, and The Keener Law Firm was the first to respond. I […]

    Tanya Bullis of Mableton, Georgia
  • I had been denied disability benefits and just didn’t think there was much hope. I came across a newsletter from The Keener Law Firm and called them. Jackie got right on my case and got me the benefits I needed. I had worked as a housekeeper and had to have knee surgery. There was just […]

    Voncile West of Atlanta, Georgia
  • I suffer from stage 4 liver disease and had already been denied Social Security benefits. I had tried to apply on my own, but that did not work. I knew I needed professional assistance, but I didn’t have the means to drag out a court case. I made up my mind to find an attorney, […]

    Floyd Pieracy of Buchanan, Georgia

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You’ve been injured and you believe the insurance company is on your side, right? Wrong! You must know and understand that the insurance company and insurance adjusters do not care about giving you a FAIR and EQUITABLE payout. Their sole focus is to MINIMIZE the payout they must give to you.

They have spent millions of dollars on lawyers, training and contracts to position themselves to take advantage of your injury and your situation. The worst thing you could do right now is talk to an adjuster or sign ANY FORMS before seeking advice from a professional.

Your future depends on the decisions you make right now. One wrong decision could have HARMFUL repercussions to your future. Not only your personal future, but the future of your family, friends and loved ones.

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